Cycling has been a passion from a young age for me, I’ve always enjoyed riding a bike, Mountain biking and making jumps started for me around age 7 where I would go over the local fields in Essex, and make jumps up until my parents bought me a set and I got used to crashing pretty early on after coming off nearly every day for some reason, I liked Jumping as high as possible and going as fast as I could on my bike. Aged 11 and we were living in Devon and I was in year 6 in primary school, I was into cross country running but I only did it because I was naturally good at it, alongside this I took up Mountain biking which quickly developed into me doing some Mtb races and the year after this taking up cyclocross, come 2011 I started competing on the road on my cyclocross bike and thoroughly enjoyed getting dropped every single race, in fact my first ever road race was down in Paignton and little did I know I was racing Etienne who years later is my team mate, sadly around the .7 of a mile circuit im sure i remember him coming past me about 5 times, I got destroyed and finished dead last by around 2 laps, Little did Etienne know the kid that he was lapping was to be riding with him in nationals 4 years later haha! But 2014 was my first full season of Nationals and I just wasn’t suited to the flat, and being as im still even now developing as many riders are not, it wasn’t ideal, 28th place or so was my best national in 2014. 2015 I knew held so much more for me and I didn’t miss a minute over the winters training and trained hard coming into 2015, sadly i had 2 colds and a knee injury for 1 week (luckily only 1 week) so in February and march i only did 4 weeks of riding and 3 weeks of resting and not riding at all, hence the reason my season only started to pick up early may where I had my 5th on the Isle Of Man. Since then I have done what I always do, ride hard, eat well but there’s always been one thing I can improve on, and that’s sleep, 2016 hopefully being a full time rider being able to rest way more and sleeping well every night I’m hoping will separate me from everyone else and I will be winning big things.